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Wear your feet on your ears with these superb quality earrings.

Not only are they the ideal present of silver jewellery for Podiatrists and Chiropodists, but as a night out they are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

The edges of the silver are slightly beveled to give it a smooth and fine finish.

pentagram silver ear-rings

Silver Metatarsus

£6.95 - A pair of silver earrings in the shape of feet. These novelty earrings are perfect for those conversation stopping moments or parties. Cast from sterling silver they follow the contours of a human foot and have the detailed profile of its toes. There is a right and left foot for your right or left ear.

Dimensions of Earring

This recreation of the Metatarsus in silver weighs approximately four grams.(both earrings) From heal to toe they measure 20 mm and the highly meticulous casting shows off the toes in fine detail. They weigh approximately 3 grams a pair.