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Shown alongside a UK pound coin enables you to see the medium and average size of these earrings.

A very practical item of silver jewellery, as they can be worn with a wide range of clothes and can be worn by ladies and gentlemen.

The hoop has an internal wire that swivels on the body of the tube so that it can be inserted into the ear piercing.

hoops with a ball

Practical and classical Hoops

£5.95 - A pair of plain silver hoops with a ball in the centre of the hoop. This classical design is both practical and fashionable. The ball is static and placed in the centre of the hoop. The round hoop itself is composed of hollow tubing made throughout with sterling silver.

silver hoop earrings with a ball

Dimensions of Hoop and Heart Earring

The hoop diameter of these practical earrings is 20 mm. The ball in the middle measure 4 mm wide. It is welded to the tubing and therefore remains seated in the centre of the hoop. These comparatively lightweight earrings weigh under 2 grams.