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A Silver Locket with an Amethyst

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The well-proportioned amethyst is captured in a delightful heart shaped border of marcasite stones.

A truly grandiose locket, which at a generous depth of 10mm can accommodate pictures, pills or any little secret item.

You can discover more about amethyst and its various properties.

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silver locket with an amethyst amethyst silver locket open


A unique and lovely locket that has a hand cut heart shaped amethyst stone in its centre bordered by a heart of marcasite.

Please note that currently we are out of stock of this outstanding purple locket.

£8.95 sorry sold out.

Dimensions of Amethyst Locket

This pulchritudinous locket has been hand crafted from the finest quality sterling silver. It weighs over 10 grams and measures approximately 20 mm by 20 mm. The locket can be suspended from a chain or thong up to 5mm thick.