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Making Silver Lockets

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scottish locket
A Scottish locket

inspired by the highlands of Scotland. Not currently available however we so sell some vey similar ones.

garnet silver locket

Locket with Garnet as its centrepiece. A stunning locket that uses marcasite stones to enhance its beauty.

Made from Doming Silver Sheet

Making a silver locket does entail a considerable amount of skill and expertise as not only must both halves fit exactly over one another, but also the hinges have to be crafted from silver. Making hinges from silver is technically challenging and can take quite a few attempts to get right. The main part of making silver lockets is to start with cutting two identical sized discs from silver sheet. Those discs are then placed onto a wooden block that has the concave dome shape that you want for the locket. Press the sheet into the block and then lightly hammer the silver into shape. Start at the edges and work your way to the centre. After making the two dome halves you then have to make a silver bearing plate which looks like a large circle. This forms the inner frame of the locket and must be welded onto the dome section. You then have to weld in the bail ring onto the base domed half as well as attaching the hinges.

Silver Lockets in store

The lockets are sold in our shops for the price sold. Please contact us if you are interested in one and we will try and send you further images of the locket for your consideration. alternatively a full display of these lockets is on show at our shop in Armada Way Plymouth. Wherever possible we try to maintain the same price for our shops and online, however due to the daily fluctuations in silver prices we cannot always guarantee that the internet published price will be the same at the precise moment the price changes in the shop. Nevertheless please let us know if you spot any discrepancy and we will in many circumstances refund the difference, as we want to ensure that customers in New Zealand pay the same prices customers in Plymouth. Moreover it is our policy to try and keep the prices as low as possible however with current trends in the price of raw silver increasing, it is unlikely the price will decrease for some considerable time.

silver lockets in shop

The lockets which we usually sell online but are currently sold out are shown on the right.

The silver lockets shown on the left are those that are currently sold in our shops and not published on the internet for various reasons. If there is one you like then please e-mail us and we can see if it can be made available to buy online.

amethyst locket amethyst locket - cut to perfection

amethyst locket
Locket with Amethyst

as its centrepiece. A stunning locket that uses marcasite stones to enhance its beauty.