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The iridescent qualities of this stunning item of silver jewellery, reflect light with a gentle and warm shimmering glow.

The pastel pink and blue colours allow you to switch from red or pink to blue attire that will be complemented by the pendant.

The medium size makes it a versatile pendant and the solid construction of pure sterling silver makes it a robust item of jewellery.

mother of pearl pendant in blue and pink

Mother of Pearl

£9.95 - Pastel blue and pink shades of mother of pearl, inlaid on an oval silver pendant. The stunning curves of the concave shape highlight the wonderful hues of the pink and blue mother of pearl. This stunning montage of blue and pink is further enhanced by the iridescent qualities of the mother of pearl. A medium sized pendant that adapts well to any chain or thong.

pink and blue mother of pearl pendant

Dimensions of pink and blue pendant

Approximately three grams of silver is used to make this unique pendant that measures 10 mm wide by 25 mm high. Three segments of pink mother of pearl are inlaid on the silver mount, with three blue segments.