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Silver jewellery has never looked prettier than this stunning pink pendant. The colour of the rose quartz stone is the epitome of femininity Some say the stone also possess mystical healing properties.

The deep stone is carefully clawed in a traditional setting.

Add a touch of class to any dress with this dazzling sparkle of pink.

pink silver pendant

Pink Silver Pendant

£6.95 - A stunning pink silver pendant composed of a faceted rose-quartz clasped in sterling silver. The multiple cuts of the stone create layers of shimmering pink. The solid construction is beuatfully balanced by the symmetry of the six stone claws.

rose quartz set in sterling silver

Dimensions of pendant

It weighs 3.8 grams and has a diameter of 12 mm. The stone is set by five claws which lead to a circle of silver behind the stone. It has a depth of 8 mm.