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Whether you wear it whilst swimming or bathing, because only real silver is used it will not corrode. In time however it will tarnish. This tarnish can easily be removed with silver jewellery polish.

The Blue Topaz is the ideal present for those born in the month of December as this is their birth stone.

Both of these stunning blue toe rings are of the cuff variety, which means an extra comfortable fit.

blue topaz silver toe ring

Blue Topaz

topaz toe ring on toe

£3.50 - A cuff band of sterling quality silver, with a blue topaz set in the centre. Add sparkle to your feet with this highly visible and fashionable toe-ring. sold out

Toe-Ring Specifications

Its lightweight (approximately 1-2 grams) adds to the comfort and means you will hardly feel that it is there. The bright sparkling blue topaz is brought to life by the polished silver background.

Blue Crystal

blue crystal toe-ring on foot blue crystal toe ring

£3.50 - A round cut blue crystal, cradled by dazzling swirls of sterling silver. The cuff toe ring has an intricate lattice of silver which supports a silver cup into which this beautiful stone is set.

Blue Crystal Toe-Ring Specifications

Weighing up to two grams this toe ring measures 18 mm across and can be comfortably expanded to meet most toe sizes.